Welcome! I am Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data & Analytics, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. I help companies achieve their goals and dreams through business development, sales, product marketing & management, and competitive intelligence. Disciplined technical mind with large and growing social media presence, some programming experience (OK, so it was COBOL), and track record of proven results. Reading Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson, and while much of the great one’s personal conduct was not my style, his unwavering focus on excellence, on getting it right, is how I approach business and life.

I am a powerwalking, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and Relay For Life enthusiast. My MarketBLOG pagetop photo was shot at the Oceanside Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 5k race, November 2013, which I finished with a time of 24:56.


You are at ground zero of my branded home on the Web (thanks, WordPress!), but this is only the beginning. You can view my portfolio, and we can connect on About-FB- About-LinkedIN YouTube 20px high FourSquare green G+ or any social venue, from a single page at XeeMe, which is a social analytics-powered business network and unofficial registrar of the social Web.


Cloud U badge_grey   Accredited BingAds Professional

Member: Demystified’s Analysis Exchange


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Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI), illustrated in the graphic below, and which I define as including:

  1. Big Data core: platforms, solutions, and services.
  2. Online analytics, including your own web properties: site (on-site) analytics; social media: social (off-site) analytics; mobile and video analytics; and digital media strategies and platforms.
  3. Customer experience analytics: application performance monitoring (APM), customer service assurance (CSA), quality of experience (QoE), and customer profiles.
  4. Mobile commerce and retail analytics, a new category I defined that includes mobile marketing, advertising, and commerce; location-based and location-aware services; barcodes, scanning/shopping apps, and digital point of sale (POS); mobile apps, games, and other user engagement vehicles; and marketing campaign management.

!BDA Core Graphic-PNG3

Software, infrastructure, and services:

  • Cloud: SaaS, IaaS and PaaS*
  • Enterprise IT network & systems management
  • Operations & business support systems (OSS/BSS)

Next-gen asset management, inventory management, and network resource management (NRM): I established NRM as an industry category and as a Visionael product name

* Some recognize other types of Cloud such as computing as a service (CaaS), database (DaaS), security (SECaaS) or storage (STaaS), and now analytics as a service (not going to try that acronym)…but I consider all to be sub-groups of SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS.

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