Welcome! I’m Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data & Analytics (BDA), Stratecast. Leader. Player/coach. Analyst. Revenue generator | #products #digitalmarketing #competitiveintelligence | Big Data and analytics (BDA). Internet of Things (IoT). GIS; spatial and location analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive. Retail/e-commerce. Customer experience. Privacy and security. I’ve written, spoken, and been quoted extensively on these topics; industry observer 100% Solutions named me a leading Big Data Influencer.


  • Have launched and managed 20 products, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and M&A, and have worked for or with five startups.
  • Have held director-level roles on the product side with ADC Telecommunications (acquired by TE Connectivity); and with global competitive intelligence leaders Frost & Sullivan (current role) and Gartner.
  • Helped grow CommTech from a $10MM to a $25MM company that was acquired by ADC for $185.5MM (18+X); and helped Visionael crack key verticals with wins at Comcast and The Pentagon, then win $30MM in funding.
  • Rackspace Cloud University Certified Professional and Microsoft BingAds Accredited Professional.
  • 50+ branded Web venues and a Klout score in the 60s. As administrator of a global online user community, I grew membership more than 75% in a year.
  • Powerwalking, weightlifting, swimming, and American Cancer Society Relay For Life enthusiast.


You are at ground zero of my branded home on the Web (thanks, WordPress!), but this is only the beginning. We can connect on Twitter for mP+ YouTube 20px high About-LinkedIN or any social venue, all clickable from one page, at XeeMe (now Appearoo). Appearoo is a social analytics-powered business network and the unofficial registrar of the social Web.


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Member: Demystified’s Analysis Exchange


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My Stratecast growth consulting practice proudly serves these and other customers:

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