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  • Are you a signatory to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development? I am
  • Animated product launch presentation: FastFlow® by CommTech

    Relaunched 10-year-old unknown as new market entrant–whose true end-to-end flow-through provisioning solution for communications services far outperformed competitive solutions from startups that claimed to provide “end-to-end,” but in truth provided only point solutions.

  • Product launch | Visionael DataCentral:
    News release
    Web content
    Competitive Q&A to prepare spokespeople for tough questions and hot-button issues

    Visionael was giving away physical autodiscovery–which for some companies was their sole offering–as part of the Visionael NRM product. We unbundled discovery as DataCentral, grandfathered it in at no cost to existing clients, added logical discovery, and generated incremental revenue by charging new customers for DataCentral.

  • Product launch | IBM Systems Director:
    Overview of launch
    Series of 13 “street reporter” interview videos shot at IBM Pulse in Las Vegas
    – Embargoed news release and series of prelaunch media interviews (both with most-trusted editors only)
    – Keynote presentation at IBM Pulse
    – All Web content, launch landing page
    – All product sales sheets on launch landing page:
    IBM Systems Director
    Virtualization Management
    Active Energy Manager
    Webcast two weeks post-launch to flesh out story, and cross-promotion of webcast at landing page

Integrated-yet-standalone branding and messaging: each product module offers unique benefits, but all must integrate through core platform–and so do all product launch components.


mP+ for NewsPLUS ADC CommTech (now TE Connectivity): Site (comm.com) no longer exists but live demo is available upon request

  • Webcast (brief preview): World’s first-ever contract for a hosted software solution in the telecommunications market. Forerunner of today’s cloud solutions software as a service (SaaS) and managed service provider (MSP) offerings
  • Positioned ADC at the pinnacle of its industry through co-leadership of TM Forum standards body/working group
  • ADC acquires CommTech for $185.5M; CommTech becomes FastFlow Division of ADC
  • November 2010: Tyco Electronics acquires ADC and company now operates as TE Connectivity

mP+ for NewsPLUS CloudShield: strategy, messaging, branding, digital marketing including site content, presales, sales, alliances

* Others at CloudShield wanted to compete head-on with IBM until my boss and I intervened, and repositioned company; the results speak for themselves.

mP+ for NewsPLUS MarketPOWER, LLC | MarketPOWER+:
Leadership, market analysis, business case and plan, marketing plan, company launch, business development, presales, sales, branding, and positioning; social media and digital marketing including content for 50+ Web venues; merchandising; public relations

mP+ for NewsPLUS Platformic: company relaunch, strategy, positioning, site content, and public relations

  • PR launch for breakthrough web platform
  • Marketing campaign: The new platform for web developers and other humans

mP+ for NewsPLUS Stratecast: leadership; business development; presales, sales, team, and product/portfolio management; branding; positioning; social media and digital marketing; merchandising; and public relations

mP+ for NewsPLUS Visionael: leadership, product and portfolio management, strategy, messaging, presales, building and managing alliance programs, digital marketing, site content, branding, and interactive

  • Case study: IBM (Micromuse)-Visionael
  • Visionael Ready: breakthrough alliance program that landed some of the world’s largest companies including Cisco Systems and Redback (the latter now Ericsson) as partners without a dollar of “pay-for-partner-play” changing hands…and with Visionael leveraging the massive global marketing and advertising budgets of its large partners
  • Product collateral: return on investment (ROI)
  • Market requirements definition (MRD): cable broadband
  • Solution pricing and selling strategy
  • Product collateral: communications service provider (CSP) solutions overview
  • Marketing campaign, security: “An undocumented network = A non-secure network”



  • Frost & Sullivan
    Partnering with other technology and regional teams across Frost & Sullivan’s global organization and recently launched a partnership with a startup focused on big data and privacy consulting
  • MarketPOWER, LLC
    Helped client CloudShield win $20MM funding; avoid direct competition with IBM (NYSE: IBM); gain IBM as a partner; and later become acquired by SAIC (NYSE: SAIC)
  • Visionael
    Launched Visionael Ready alliance program that won partners including Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and created lucrative new revenue opportunities
  • ADC Telecommunications/CommTech
    Recommended and helped build alliances with BMC Remedy, Cap Gemini, Cisco, CSC, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle Portal, Siemens, and more, quickly positioning company as a leader in the space



mP+ for NewsPLUS Autotrader.com: messaging, digital marketing and site content

mP+ for NewsPLUS California Missions: strategy, branding, messaging, marketing, and sales

Marketing campaign: Mission Accomplished

mP+ for NewsPLUS Net 10 Networkers: branding, core messaging and positioning, multi-domain web design, social media, and digital marketing strategies including site content

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