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Ongoing body of work encompasses contributions as founder, leader, and primary revenue generator of Stratecast’s Big Data and Analytics (BDA) growth partnership program.

mP+ for NewsPLUS Jeff leads Big Data Think Tank and presents big data market size and forecast, issues, and strategies at Frost & Sullivan’s GIL event

mP+ for NewsPLUS PR Newswire: Big Data Think Tank: Encapsulating the Phenomenon, featuring Jeff as well as John Magee, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Research, and other participating companies Birst, Comptel, comScore, Huawei, SAS, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

mP+ for NewsPLUS CloudTrigger: white paper: The Democratization of BI

mP+ for NewsPLUS DestinationCRM

  • announces CRM Market Leaders; chose Jeff as judge
  • quotes Jeff in Find the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool
  • quotes Jeff re: Pegasystems adding social analytics to CRM

mP+ for NewsPLUS Alcatel-Lucent quotes Jeff in Enriching Communications

mP+ for NewsPLUS Billing & OSS World quotes Jeff with Accenture, BearingPoint, Capgemini and Deloitte

mP+ for NewsPLUS Impact Briefs on major mergers & acquisitions (M&A):

mP+ for NewsPLUS Network World article: iTunes for Inventory

mP+ for NewsPLUS Revenue Operations Center (ROC) Resource Book article

mP+ for NewsPLUS SearchEnterpriseWAN quotes Jeff re: bandwidth bartering

mP+ for NewsPLUS Telephony cover story: cable broadband market

mP+ for NewsPLUS White paper: Green IT

mP+ for NewsPLUS Yankee Group Decision Note: service-oriented architecture (SOA)

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